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Work alongside an individual to reach agreed results or goals

The aim is to generate insights that can be acted on. Examples of achievable improvements include business partnership consulting skills, more effective delegation and managing stakeholders.

Specialised coaching

We can also offer some more specialised coaching, either commissioned by organisations or individuals:

Career transition and outplacement

This is designed to be a cost effective service providing the highest level of outplacement without unnecessary and expensive trimmings such as office space and research.

Assess career capital, skills and experience
Review achievements to date and more importantly, how achieved
Formulate objectives and clear criteria for informed evaluation of opportunities
Devise practical career action plan
Fully support until reach agreed goal

“Get that job”

This consultancy service is designed for senior executives once they are on a short list for a job they really want. It involves one to one preparation for the short list interviews and any subsequent discussions to secure the job.

Improving board dynamics and effectiveness

Are your board meetings really effective?

Our proposal goes one step further than the usual board effectiveness review by commenting on interaction and behaviour dynamics, especially between NEDs/trustees and executives. Does everyone have a say or do stronger personalities dominate? We evaluate the leadership of the meeting and the ability to facilitate discussion. Is there an environment to enable any challenge to the management?

Are you getting enough from your President?

Being appointed President of an institution or membership organisation is a great honour and opportunity. Each President has a unique approach to the role and differs greatly in the degree of success at managing their contribution. Presidents typically do not admit they need support, at least until it is too late, so the organisation needs to have this service already in place to offer the newly elected President.



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